Monday, December 12, 2011

Putting Together a Charm Bracelet

My final result

I used to think that putting together a charm bracelet would be a piece of cake. After all, it’s not like I have to make each bead or charm myself and attach it to a bracelet. Yes I know some of those crafty individuals who can make a beautiful piece of jewelry from broken costume jewelry, a glue gun and some bits of chain. I like to think of these designers as the MacGyver’s of jewelry with an eco sensibility. They can make something out of nothing and they reuse broken items. How awesome is that? I’m not anything like MacGyver and have trouble putting together a simple charm bracelet.

I wanted to put together a sample charm bracelet for display so people could look at the finished product and get an idea of what it should look like. A tray of beads and charms is easy to display but requires a great deal of imagination in order to know what goes well with what. If someone is a newbie to the beaded charm bracelet they may have a hard time putting one together, I sure did. I spent a week, grabbing time here and there to try and make a bracelet that looked attractive. I wanted some color, not too much, a good selection of item, don’t want all the same thing, and I had to be able to describe what I had done. Just in case a customer asked how I came up with this selection. This struggle became a lot easier when I thought about what is important to me. The idea of a charm bracelet is to commemorate events, hobbies or activities in one’s own life. I finally got it!

My bracelet had a Celtic knot for my father, a Chinese symbol for my mother and the zodiac sign for me. I found Italian Murano glass beads in shades of red and orange, added a dangle or two, one was a birth stone the other my initial and guess what, I was done. It went from an arduous task that I couldn’t seem to complete to an easy task that took minutes. This is my advice, think about who you are and what matters to you. That quote, “Know thy self” really comes in handy.

So think about colors you enjoy wearing, activities that you love, past or present and it should all come together. Granted this is an endeavor that should be worked on over time so there really isn’t a rush to put a completed bracelet together like I did for display. Have fun, mix and match and use your imagination, you don’t have to be MacGyver to put together a charm bracelet that you love.
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  1. Try to break up the bracelet with various size & shape charms but don't have too many different colors. The bracelet needs a "theme" so choose similar colors; or animals; or flowers etc.