Monday, December 19, 2011

Marketing Desperation

Freshwater pearl and cultured pearl necklace

With Christmas just a week away there is a sense of desperation in air. I’m not talking about all those people who have shopping to do, I’m talking about some of the retailers. The reason I sense desperation is I am getting on average fifty emails a day trying to get me to buy something. These are usually email lists that sell everything from toasters to massages. I’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of emails I get as we get closer to the holidays. Where I was once receiving a single email from a company touting that days special, I am now receiving four or more from the same company each day. Let me give you a clue, if I haven’t bought from you by now, I probably won’t be buying something this year.

That’s the thing about retail; you have to make the sale. If you don’t make the sale you won’t be in business very long. Many retailers are nervous and since consumers are as nervous as I have ever seen, it stands to reason that there will be a much greater push to get people to buy. I want people to buy my jewelry, that’s why I have a website and haul my jewelry around to trunk shows, additional exposure. People won’t and can’t buy if they don’t know you exist, but how much marketing is too much marketing? When do we as retailers cross the line and become pests? I suppose asking a potential customer if they have any questions or wish to see something is not being a pest, it’s being helpful. It’s the spamming with emails that gets me a little nervous.

 I love the natural shape of the freshwater next to the perfect cultured pearls

Marketing your wares takes effort and of course they must be wares that people want to buy. Sending several emails each and every day could be overkill. Granted, I’ve purchased from some of these people in the past, that was how they got my email, but come on people, eight emails about what you have for sale in a twelve hour period, you’re kidding right? Besides, who has that kind of time to read each and every email you send? It’s not that I’m bashing email as a way to market, it can be very successful. It’s the emails that I get infrequently that make me want to read their content. My theory is, they obviously have something important to tell me which is the reason they sent an email, they rarely send email. Those who spam me all day long come off as someone who doesn’t have anything important to say they just want to tell me stuff, most of which holds no interest for me.

I’ve been told I need to tagline every blog, link my pictures to my website, comment and add my link to other people’s websites and articles. This is advice from internet marketing consultants, who I’m sure understand their internet marketing stuff. But I am so afraid of turning someone off that I’ll rather be shy and let my jewelry speak for itself. Besides, I think I have some really nice jewelry and who wouldn’t love to wear some of my pieces. I have some new items on my website, but it is still a work in progress. I’ve included an iPhone picture of my latest piece that I love and will sell for under $100. Who doesn’t love jewelry for under $100? So take a look and I promise not to send more than one notice per day about what I have in my store, really, and as soon as I can get my husband to take a real picture of the new items, I will have those up on the website for all my long distance customers.

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