Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lazy Day Outfits

 I could actually wear this because I have everything except the sweatpants.

I have to admit that I’m taking it easy this week. Letting others take care of some of my business and spending a little more time at home. I’m actually watching TV and it isn’t a hockey game. I came across an outfit in InStyle magazine that I absolutely love for those lazy Sundays. Its grey sweatpants, a jersey t-shirt with a denim shirt over that and a cozy scarf to keep you warm. To finish things up a pair of fleece lined slippers with actual soles so you can run to the store for some fresh bagels and not look like you just climbed out of bed. When I’m not working and having to be viewed by the world I really love a pair of sweatpants instead of having to wear heels and silk blouses. Not that I don’t love a great pair of heels, it’s just fun to wear completely comfortable clothes now and again but I still want to look good.

 I swear I wear this outfit every lazy day, add a scarf and boots!

This has always been a problem, how to be totally comfortable and not look like you’re wearing a pair of pajamas. This may work for college students but not for me. I love sweatpants or my silk pants, their soft and comfortable and with the right accessories they look like actual clothing. The biggest problem I have with these clothing items is the length of the inseam. I have long legs; it’s the only part of my body that even remotely resembles a super model. I have a 34 inch inseam so pants are kind of hard to find and sweatpants look ridiculous when they are four inches to short, kind of like Steve Urkel. I was thinking that maybe I should shop in the men’s department. My son is in the six foot range and his sweatpants are never too short, even after washing, and his waist is pretty slim. So maybe I should head to the store and try some men's sweatpants, they do come in smalls and hopefully the length isn’t too short.

 Like this outfit for going out for Chinese food on New Year's Eve.

My usual casual day outfit is a pair of jeans, boots or Ked tennis shoes and some type of sweater. I add a scarf for interest and warmth on these cold days. The InStyle magazine “Your Look/Instant Style is so cool. It actually has outfits I can wear and features clothing that I might actually own. It’s my little cheat sheet and I save the magazines just for these articles. So whenever I’m feeling like I have nothing to wear in my closet, I open up back issues of my magazines and look around. I usually find something that I not only like but something I will wear. It’s super cool that they also feature jewelry in their photographs. This is the easy part for me, since I have such an extensive collection I can always find something that matches. So today I’m going to brave the shopping hoards and go look for a pair of grey sweatpants because I can’t think of anything better than to start my lazy New Year’s Day in that comfy outfit.

 Or maybe something more glamorous for cocktails?

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