Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Blog of the Year…Party!

Unless you live in Somoa or Tokelau you will be celebrating on Saturday December 31st precisely at midnight without having to lose a whole day. All across the world people will brave the cold, drink way too much and act silly whooping it up when the clock strikes twelve. It is a tradition that goes way back and everyone has both horror stories and awesome stories of their midnight revelries. So now that it’s the end of the year, how did 2011 treat you? For me I started a business, figured out a few new things on my computer and started this blog. It hasn’t been the best year, but it probably hasn’t been the worst year either. It been a learning experience and sometimes it’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve had the opportunity of sharing my love of jewelry with others and that has been pretty good. I’ve had custom pieces made and I’ve gotten to work with some really great designers who have made my dreams and the dreams of my customers come true. Now that the world’s biggest party is right around the corner it’s time to break out the party gear, get dressed up and have some fun! I will probably try and convince my husband that going out to dinner is a good idea, make some snacks, open a bottle of wine and drink and eat right up to the big moment. I will of course be wearing my jewelry. Regardless of whether I stay in, go out or just celebrate with a dinner out, I will be wearing my jewelry. I am always wearing my jewelry even to go to the grocery store or the bank.

Over the next year I will continue to try and acquire more jewelry and of course expand my inventory and selection. I have to remember that my jewelry business is not just a venue for furthering my personal collection, but what a concept. I’m hoping that I will find new and innovative designers who not only produce quality pieces, but pieces we all love to wear. Some people make resolutions but that is such a harsh word. I do not want to resolve anything; I just want to find my happiness and so far I’ve been able to find it in jewelry. My only resolution is to try and overlook my own personal failings, besides if I spend money on a gym membership it will eat into my jewelry budget.

So have a Happy New Year’s and remember that on January 1st we start a whole new year of possibilities and opportunities and isn’t that a reason to celebrate, break out the champagne and wear your favorite jewelry? 

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