Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Jewelry Video

 Wouldn't this be pretty with a 360 view?

Have you ever seen those videos of a beautiful diamond ring on a glossy surface slowly and elegantly turning in a circle? There are commercials on TV that show these beautiful pieces glittering and shining. You have no idea how hard it is to make that video. It seems so simple. Just get something that turns, set up a video camera and stick a shiny piece of jewelry in the center. First off, how shiny is your surface? If it’s super shiny you will reflect back everything within its reflective reach. You will see with crystal clear clarity all the walls, ceiling and cabinets surrounding your little shiny turntable. Even if you put the turntable in a special lighting box, if there is one opening it will reflect back the items in the room.

Second, how easy is it to eyeball the center of a round disk? I dare you to pick up something round, look at it carefully and find the center. Now go measure it, you are probably ever so slightly off center. This isn’t a problem until you place a piece of jewelry on that spot and start the spinning. It will wobble like the wheels on Roger Rabbit’s car. This process requires so much thought it makes my head hurt. Thank goodness I’m not the one dealing with this current production, my husband is the videographer. The reason I know about the difficulty of making a simple video is he has informed me of these complications. He thought a bright surface would be beautiful but a mirror like finish has a tendency to reflect back everything including the lights. It gets a little too bright and the interior of the light box is shown in perfect clarity. This is not the look we were going for in our videos.

 Rings always look great spinning on a platform

The center of the platform becomes a moot point if you can’t get past the reflection thing. We tried another type of platform but really weren’t thrilled with that look either. I guess I will be making a visit to Tap Plastics to have a round matte finished surface made and I will be asking them to put a tiny dot right in the exact center of that surface. That way I can stay away from math. If I wanted to do math I would have gone into a science orientated field  instead of jewelry. Yes, I know that math is part of jewelry, how will you know that you’re making money if you don’t keep track of the math, but that’s a different blog. For now I just want a simple and elegant video of a beautiful ring going around in a circle.

So keep an eye out and hopefully I will be able to start off the New Year with a jewelry video. I will also try and figure out how to post it on my blog once it’s done, but more than likely it will just be a link. Hey this computer, internet, website stuff isn’t as easy as it looks and I unfortunately do not have a computer geek in the back room. So for now enjoy some stills, they’re good too.

 Maybe a sparkly Hershey's Kiss will look awesome?

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