Friday, December 9, 2011

Here a Print, There a Print, Everywhere a Print Print!

Bold yet colorless, these earrings add shine to any outfit

It’s amazing how many fashion magazines are featuring wild prints for resort wear. This is when the hugely affluent spend post Christmas and New Years in warmer climates. This is important because these places that people visit are actually someone else’s permanent homes. If you live in a warmer climate year round it probably get frustrating to be completely ignored when the weather turns cold. Cold weather conjures visions of scarves, sweaters and fur coats. Not exactly beachwear, after all who wears a fur coat to the beach? The one predominate theme I’ve noticed with this season’s resort wear is the print. The print is everywhere, colorful, conservative, busy and floral, you name it. I have never seen so much print on a grouping of fabrics and the combinations are amazing and blinding!

While I enjoy these latest fashions I’m not sure if these wild prints are really for me. I like prints and will wear them, but kind of as an accent. I really don’t wear an entire outfit or head to toe prints. I’m afraid I will look like a 60s acid trip or give someone a seizure. The overall print can be a little daunting, and truthfully what jewelry would you wear? Since you are already wearing something so bold would a bolder piece look overpowering and would a dainty piece just get lost? Since most of the photographs that I have seen in magazines are from fashion shows, it stands to reason that there will be minimal jewelry, the horror!

Garnet and citrine say warm weather

Fashion shows are just that, a show for fashion not jewelry. The prints that are featured do not lend themselves well to masses of jewelry. There is one overriding theme with these bold and busy prints, bold jewelry on the ears and on the hands. It appears that the best way to wear jewelry with this trend is to not wear anything on the print itself. This makes sense since wearing a small piece will just get lost in a mass of prints and wearing something bold will just add to the confusion. Large gemstone earrings seem to work really well and make sure you have a little bit of movement, so a dangle is great. Long slim earrings that gaze the shoulders are also a fun look. If the outfit is sleeveless go for a wrist full of bangles with a ring or two. If you have sleeves you might just want to skip the over the top bracelet look and just wear some rings stacked up. The idea is to say “here is my face, here are my hands.” I guess a person can get lost in a head to toe pile of prints.

Beautiful blue topaz, like the color of the ocean

Since I will not be vacationing in the Bahamas this year I will probably be sticking to my usual mundane sweater and jeans look. This will exclude me from having to figure out how to wear a bold print with lace. But for all those lucky people who have both the money and the time to get away from it all have fun and wear some prints!


  1. Congratulations on the Blog.
    A hug right here in Brazil.

  2. I love all the prints but I cannot bring myself to try them. I really am just a plain black clothing kinda girl! I am, however, really big on accessorizing with big, beautiful jewelry! Love the pictures of earrings you posted, they are gorgeous!