Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Ideas

A treasure trove of gift ideas

I’ve been reading a lot of articles in fashion magazines, newspapers and just about everywhere on gift ideas. I’ve seen some outrageous gift ideas that include $17,000 evening bags. Since I haven’t won the lottery yet, it will be a much more economical Christmas. My husband and I were having a discussion while watch TV, there was a commercial showing a husband buying his wife a watch. This seemed simple enough. It wasn’t a particularly fancy or super expensive watch and I was struck by how practical it was for a Christmas gift. This got me to thinking, when did Christmas become so extravagant? I get a lot of emails advertising beautiful jewelry. These pieces are lovely and I wouldn’t mind owning them, I just mind the $2400 price tag, and these aren’t as pricey as some of these gifts will get.

There are ads for cars as gifts. The only time I remember a car as a gift was when my father in law bought a car for my mother in law. It wasn’t the car of her choice but since it was a good car and quite reliable she went along with it. This can be a huge problem with elaborate gifts. What happens if the recipient is less than enthused with the gift? Anyone who can afford to buy a $20,000 piece of jewelry probably knows the recipient has somewhere to wear it. They will not be satisfied if it sits in a jewelry box unworn. No one wants a gift to be spurned and an expensive gift that is turned down can be emotionally hard for the giver. But do we need to be buying gifts that break the bank?

Blue Topaz Earrings

I guess I’ve gotten to the age were a bottle of perfume and new socks are not so bad. I wear perfume daily and run out of some of my favorites so buying me a new bottle is always well received. My husband commented that he would love some new socks. Damn, I’m wondering when we became such an old couple! Those commercials and ads that encourage people to buy someone a big screen TV are interesting; I’m wondering who doesn’t already have one? It seems to me that the excesses prior to the recession encouraged a lot of people to buy expensive gifts that we are still all trying to pay off. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be good.

I’ve recently sold some jewelry that is quite reasonably priced, under $500, and is still beautiful. I sold a pure silver herringbone bracelet and some beautiful blue topaz earrings to happy husbands. The designs are simple, slightly unique, but always fabulous. Outrageously expensive is not always what is needed. So a heads up to my hubby, I would love some Ralph Lauren Romance for Christmas, it won’t break the bank and you can get it at Macy’s. I would truly love a pair of new boots but since these are shoes it is probably best not to ask. The overflowing closet is not a good argument for more of the same. So remember, price isn’t always the sign of a great gift. Thoughtful consideration about the recipient is important and if they love cashmere socks, then socks it will be. Merry Christmas!

Pure Silver Bracelet

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