Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gift Giving During Christmas

Stacking rings are fashionable and affordable

Around this time of year people’s thoughts turn to gift giving. People come in to browse and I usually ask if they need any help and they sometimes reply, “No, I’m fine, just looking.” I will try and leave them alone since I’ve found that telling them that Christmas is right around the corner only seems to make them a little peeved. It is sometimes best to leave shoppers to their own musings with the thought that if they need help, you’re right there. While it is natural to feel a little pressure when purchasing a gift for another, try not to stress out, if you’re buying for a woman, it’s simple.

 They come in a multitude of colors and styles

There are several things that most women want all the time and if they get it as a gift, they are really happy. Unless she is on some weird diet or allergic, high end chocolate is always welcome. The Wall Street Journal wrote an article yesterday about “Breeding a Nation of Chocoholics.” They must have been looking at women. If you cover it in chocolate, we’ll eat it. I made the mistake of buying a beautiful chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top for my son’s birthday. Both my husband and my son thought a chocolate covered strawberry was weird and wouldn’t touch them. Yes, more for me! All the gift giver needs to remember is which high end chocolatier is the receiver’s favorite and buy that brand. This type of chocolate is pricey so it is seldom purchased “just because” and is always welcomed as a special treat.

 Start with two and add to the collection

While there are women who don’t wear jewelry, many do and it is also a welcomed gift. This can be a little trickier since jewelry is a fashion accessory and style and personal preference come into play. First off, women love diamonds, the look, the sparkle, what’s not to like? The diamonds themselves do not have to be large; a pave diamond ensemble can be quite attractive. Think David Yurman. An important element in buying jewelry is to know which metal color is the recipient’s favorite. I’ve heard too many times a women saying she loves white gold but always gets yellow gold so she doesn’t wear it, and vice a versa. Another important element is to know what the jewelry stores exchange/return policy will be if they try and exchange/return it. Some stores allow returns with receipt, no questions asked. Some only allow exchanges in a certain time frame. If she really doesn’t like the gift she may want to exchange for another piece that is more fitting. There is nothing wrong with exchanging a piece, if you spend a lot of money you want to make sure it will be worn. Also she gets to go shopping for jewelry; few women turn this opportunity down.

 There is a rings to fit anyone's personality

So yes, Christmas is approaching and the age old question of what to buy for someone is now coming back with an insistent need to be answered. If you know which brands of jewelry and chocolate your recipient loves and what their general style is, you might be able to find that perfect gift. Another word of advice to all those guys out there, if your gal gives you an exact gift option, store, size, item number, buy it! It’s not that she won’t be surprised, she knows but will be surprised that you listened. So show off your gift buying and listen skills and get exactly what she wanted and told you about, but do it quick before that item is out of stock. No pressure, really…

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