Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Blogging has become as ubiquitous as breathing. Everyone blogs, they could be venting in order to get something off their chest, trying to share useful information or to promote their business. I find many more blogs that promote a business. In the jewelry industry it is quite common to read blogs discussing specific jewelry currently in someone’s store, the promotion of a particular item or line and what the special of the month will be. I saw a comment once, on someone else’s blog, stating that the reader was sick of jewelry blogs because they only promoted their own business. I don’t think this is true.

Enamel rings are cool

I read several jewelry and fashion blogs where the writers promotes their handcrafted jewelry but they also show other designs along with their own pieces. It is important to show how a piece can be worn. Yes it is promotional in nature and they’re featuring their own designs first, but explaining how their designs pair well with other jewelry shows the versatility of the piece and can showcase everyone's designers. The world does not exist in a vacuum and if we don’t stop and take a look around to see what else is happening we could miss something spectacular. This theory is basically true in the fashion industry and let’s be honest, jewelry is an accessory. Accessories compliment an outfit and jewelry is one of the greatest accessories around. Just try and make an outfit look awesome without any accessories, it’s hard.

Who can resit a beautiful glass bead

Jewelry retailers know this and will promote their own business based on this concept. As a jewelry retailer it takes a lot of work to get the word out that you even exist. One of the best ways to get noticed is to have something that is worth noting. Jewelry designers who create their own pieces will take pictures of themselves wearing their masterpieces and then write a short description and explain how they wore it. I think this is useful information. I didn’t catch on to the trend of wearing many different bracelets together strictly by reading fashion magazine. It was all the wonderful bloggers out there who took the time to either photograph themselves or canvas their area and put up photos of street fashion. It’s fascinating to see what is popular in other areas of the country and the world and without bloggers I may not have had the opportunity to experience these different perspectives.

Maybe gold charms are your thing

So I say go ahead and blog about what makes you happy. Keep those photographs coming of your great fashion finds and how you wear them. I also love the close-ups of all the beautiful jewelry, handcrafted or store bought. I for one will continue to read others people’s blogs and hopefully learn something new and innovative about fashion and jewelry. Hat’s off to all those unpaid and under appreciated writers who keep us informed about current style and keep up the good work. I for one will continue to read regardless of whether you’re promoting your line or someone else’s.


  1. I for one enjoy reading your posts and seeing all of your gorgeous jewelry! I think that while it's true many bloggers promote their business I feel as though you are promoting wearing jewelry and enjoying jewelry. I have read about the different trends from you and gotten some great ideas! Keep it up!!

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