Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Egad I Forgot to Ship

Santa has been so busy lately!

I’ve counted the days and now have four days left to ship a present to my niece and nephew. I don’t think I’m going to make it since I haven’t even put them in boxes. I should have no excuse for not getting these packages out in a timely manner. I purchased them awhile ago and I ship packages all the time, sometimes to other countries! Apparently I am a procrastinator at heart. The only excuse I can give myself is it will be an additional gift that will extend Christmas joy for a few more days. Besides, who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail? On the plus side, I can skip the wrapping paper, maybe, since it won’t be under the tree in time for Christmas. A brown cardboard box does look a little depressing under a Christmas tree, especially when compared to all those brightly wrapped presents.

This is my busy time of year and I’m not talking parties, although those are good too. I sell a lot of jewelry and December is the month where I’m at my busiest. Custom orders, regular sales and covert operations can keep a gal active. My reference to covert operations is the personal shopping aspects of my business where I help husbands find that perfect gift for their wives. There should be a lot of happy wives this Christmas morning. Okay, I have the best job in the world, shopping for jewelry! But it isn’t always fun and games. I actually have to find that perfect gift, wrap it up and make sure it gets to the customer on time. This takes a lot of effort on my part which leaves very little time for me to buy toys and ship them to my neglected family members.

 Skating with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Most of my family is understanding and some actually think that sending my gifts late helps to keep their kids from getting overwhelmed, at least this is the sympathetic story they tell me. For some of my older gift recipients they look forward to the potential jewelry gift in the mail. That is one of the perks with having someone in the family who shops for jewelry for a living, jewelry as gifts. Did I say I love my job? After all, I get a gift at Christmas too and I don’t even have to ship it, how awesome is that?

So I’m going to be waiting around for the FedEx guy who will be bringing my last minute orders for my customers and if I’m lucky there might be something in his truck for me. I’ve been a good girl this year, even though I forgot to ship my gifts and it’s already Tuesday. So thanks in advance for the charm bracelet which will allow me the opportunity to add something every month or so and having a new piece of jewelry every now and then makes me really happy! Besides I need to be knowledgeable about the pieces I sell, and what better way to glean knowledge than to wear it? Okay I’m grasping for straws on that last one, but I really can’t wait for Christmas this year, I know I’m going to love my present.

 My Christmas present, can't wait! My husband already hide it.

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