Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Collecting Jewelry

Collecting, everyone likes to collect. If you ask someone they will tell you what they find fascinating to gather up in groups. As my blog suggests, I like to collect jewelry. Now as most collectors will tell you they have specialties. I don’t collect all jewelry; I try and stick to particular types and styles. I’m fond of sterling silver, white gold and platinum. I went through a diamond period a while back and everything I bought had to have diamonds in it. Since then I’ve discovered sapphires and topaz that come in a multitude of different colors, including white or clear, like a diamond. The pricing on these gemstones is far better than diamonds so they are more affordable, which means I can purchase a lot more. Funny how that works?

It’s not that I’m not interested in other gemstones or even diamonds; I’ve just found a way to collect more jewelry and still be able to wear pieces together. Unless you have a huge budget, it can be difficult to purchase a “set” of jewelry with matching pieces. Another disadvantage to this set theory is the “I look way too matched” look. This is the equivalent of wearing a pants suit. Unless you’re Bianca Jagger you’re probably not going to be able to pull off this look. It takes a certain person to be able to wear everything the same and not look like you got dressed in an outfit made from the same bolt of fabric. On the other hand, wearing a bunch of different colors and patterns can make you look a little hodge podge, a look some of us try and avoid.

 this bracelet and it really works!

In a jewelry collection I am always striving for something unique that I can call my own. It has to have the ability to be worn with existing jewelry and clothing. It can’t be a standalone piece that matches nothing else I own. I don’t want to put several pieces of jewelry on and look like a five year old playing dress up with plastic costume jewelry. I guess I’m always looking for something tasteful yet slightly conservative. Conservative is good but the days of the single strand of pearls and matching earrings is a little too conservative. This is probably why I wear multiple pearl necklaces together when I do wear pearls. It is also why I buy gemstones and metals that match. It helps to keep a theme. It’s important to keep a theme so one doesn’t look like they got dressed in the dark.

I find that my diamond watch looks best with a diamond ring. If I wear a large grouping of pearls on my neck I try and find earrings that also make a statement while keeping my hands and wrists simple. If I stick with particular designers, even if the gemstones aren’t the same the style similarities is usually enough to carry it off. That old rule of get dressed and accessorized then take off one item always seemed odd to me. I find it much easier to look through my collection, find pieces that feel right to me and put them on. I don’t take one off because I think I put too many on and have no idea how to dress myself. Trust your own style and if you like to wear a lot of baubles feel free, we collectors have to stick together.

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