Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charm Bracelet Part II

I love this black and white bead

Okay, this may be redundant but I have a huge problem with getting my pictures up yesterday. My tech guy (my husband) has hopefully solved the problem and now I can write about the little glass beads that have struck my fancy. As many are probably aware there is a beaded charm bracelet on the market. It is actually a very simple design, a smooth and sturdy chain with a clasp at one end. The charms or beads are simply slipped onto the chain and there are no dangling pieces a la Auntie Mame hanging down. Unless you want them to, then you purchase a dangle.

This is the perfect charm bracelet for me. All I have to do is pick out some beads or charms and slip them on the bracelet, snap I’m done. I had a little difficulty figuring out what goes with what since the line has something like 4000 beads and charms. Since I’m no math whiz I’m sure this works out to be an astronomical number of possibilities. I made a bracelet with a variety of items to use as a sample for display. Showing random beads and charms in a tray may work but I find that people like to have something they can pick-up, look at and feel. It is important to see size, shape, and color and of course weight. Many people are shocked at how heavy some of these bracelets can end up weighing. When I said sturdy chain I meant it.

Add a bead with a graphic design

Since Christmas is right around the corner I found another perfect gift for me. Funny how that works, I thought I would start a charm bracelet of my own. I’ve seen charm bracelets around and they are a ubiquitous part of jewelry history. There are many varieties and types and they have been worn since ancient times. These new type of charm bracelets really have my interest. I love the colors available and the ability to change the charms easily is also important to me. If you have a full bracelet it is easy to change out the beads by undoing the clasp and sliding everything off onto a soft surface. I can then pick and choose which beads I want to put back on and in an order that pleases me. If your outfit is blue you can choose blue beads, if you like black and white, there are beads for that. If you want warm tones there are beautiful red beads and of course 14K gold charms or charms with gold accents.

So I’ve decided that I want to start off small. I think I’ll start with three beads in a modern pattern and maybe two sterling silver charms, keeping it simple to start. Since this is a charm bracelet for me I don’t have to fill it up, after all, what will my husband get me for Valentine’s Day? I know some beautiful red glass beads!

Finish with a swirl!

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  1. Love the idea of a charm bracelet but I'm terrible at wearing bracelets! The charm bracelet is great because it is an awesome gift for your loved ones to give you.