Monday, December 26, 2011

And the Shopping Continues…

 Will have to reorder many of theses

While many received exactly what they wanted for Christmas and are now wearing those new boots, playing with their gadget or reading that book, some are still looking for that perfect gift. There is also the prospect of using a gift card. I just transferred the money from a Starbucks gift card to the app on my iPhone. The reasoning, I’m going to Starbucks today to buy some beans and this app has me at Gold status which gives me a free tall beverage of my choice when I purchase a pound of beans. White chocolate mocha here I come! I’m sure that Starbucks will be packed and I won’t be able to find a parking spot in their tiny lot since others probably received a gift card and are anxious to use it.

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year and while it created a natural day off on Christmas Eve to do shopping and preparation, not everything got done. The malls were packed and the grocery stores were insane. The reason I know this is because my son who likes a particular wheat bread tried to pick up a loaf and failed miserably. There was a reason I didn’t go and get his bread at the grocery store, I’m older and know better. But people are still shopping today. Yesterday was such a lazy day, sitting around watching TV, eating and generally being a slug, it was great. While watching TV I noticed a lot of commercial for after Christmas sales. These weren’t sales for overstocked holiday items, like wrapping paper and ornaments, but actual products that people buy all year round. I found this shocking.

 Isn't it pretty?
There is a theory that people wait until after the holidays to do their shopping. They believe that sales are at their peak and they will be able to find bargains that weren’t available in the days leading up to Christmas. It’s kind of like Black Friday but without all the standing in line. It appears as if the day after Christmas may be the busiest shopping day of the year. People are doing a lot of returns, purchasing items they wanted but didn’t receive, using those gift cards and spending that cash Grandma slipped them after dinner. It adds up to some busy times for retailers. For me things are busy and my day begins with addressing sales, all a good thing. I’m also being kept busy assessing stock, calling suppliers and computer work.

So I will be using this week from Christmas to New Year’s Eve to order some inventory and figure out all my computer and website needs. The New Year is an opportunity to figure out how this holiday season was handled and what needs tweaking. Hopefully I will have time to take care of my administrative duties with people coming and going and questions being asked, many are still shopping and that’s a good thing right?

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