Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Web Pictures

Who doesn't love a blue topaz gemstone band?

I recently got a slew of new pictures from one of the manufacturers I purchase jewelry from, and when I say a slew, I mean it. I thought it would be easy to just look through the CDs they supplied and pick and choose which pictures of items I would put on my web store. When multiple CDs came and I began looking, I realized that I had maybe a thousand pictures to view. What was I thinking? It’s easy to get in over your head when running a web store. I do it all the time. I have great intentions, but sometimes life gets in the way and pictures are a part of life.

 Pair it with a blue topaz and amethyst gemstone ring

The idea was to add some new items to the store. I am now carrying a line of charm bracelets that are fabulous and a line of stacking rings. These stacking rings are particularly nice, not too thick, not too thin, and perfect for stacking. This is a factor that may seem harder to pull off than you think. I’m a fan of a thicker ring band and since I have fairly long fingers it works for me. Those with delicate fingers they may not be able to stack rings as well since it gets crowded pretty quick. This is the beauty of this line, the rings are well thought out and fit together without a hitch. The delicate finger looks great with several rings stacked neatly together. Having the rings fit together well is an important feature, otherwise it looks like a hodgepodge. No one wants to look like they threw together an outfit without any thought, although there are those who can do this and it comes out great. I know I can’t do this, I have to think about what I will wear and accessorize with before, during and after I try something on.

 Or maybe a gemstone flower?

Well loving a jewelry line is not getting the pieces up on my website. I wish this was true because I would be done by now. This is an ongoing process and working on a web store takes a lot of time and patience. So while the picture may have come on neat little discs someone still has to put them up and that someone around here is usually me. This is the problem with being the chief cook and bottle washer. I just don’t feel comfortable delegating this task to those who have little interest. It’s not that writing a description of a product is that difficult, but let’s face it; I’ve read some bad ones so I know they exist. I guess I will just have to devote a weekend to work, rats. This work thing is seriously interfering with my party during the holidays and playing with jewelry. So keep an eye out, there are some new categories coming to the store and hopefully everyone will enjoy the new items as much as I do!

 The possibilities are endless, they even have square bands!

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. Lovely designs. I just love it.