Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Underwear & High Heels as Economic Indicators

My favorite black booties, notice the higher heel

I actually went to bed early last night but not before I heard an interesting teaser from the nightly news, “Underwear and high heels track the economy.” I was so tired that I didn’t stay up for this interesting and bizarre bit of news. The first thing I did when I got up this morning was look up what the newscaster was talking about and found some interesting information. Apparently there has been research done and when men stop buying underwear, we’re in a recession. This information doesn’t apply to women since we have a lower tolerance for wearing raggedy underwear. The other interesting bit was high heels indicate economic crisis. When heels go up something is about to burst, when heels come down, people have a better outlook on the economy.

While I would like to believe the stuff about the high heels but since they are more of a fashion statement, it might not necessarily be true. Women love their fashion, go on the internet and look for fashion blogs or look to see how many fashion magazines are in the racks near checkout at the grocery store. I’ve never been consistent with my heel height. It’s more of a situational thing. If I know I’m going to be on my feet for hours with no seating in sight, I opt for more sensible shoes. If I know that seating is abundant or walking and standing will be minimal, I go for the heels. I also wear heels based on my outfits. Some pants just don’t lend themselves well to a flat, e.g. walking on the hemline. Besides, all this information about heel height and the economy may not jibe. Women buy clothes all year round.

 I liked them so much I got them in brown

When winter comes we relish the idea that we can buy sweaters, scarves and possibly that great winter coat. When spring comes we look for dresses and pretty sandals. There doesn’t appear to be a season we won’t buy an outfit for, can we say New Year’s Eve Party? I’m also not convinced about the underwear thing either. Guys have a high tolerance for worn or dirty things. They believe that an item of clothing is perfectly fine even if it is a little worn or has a hole. Example, that favorite shirt that they wear when you’re not looking that has a hole. You’ve tried to throw it out but the histrionics aren’t worth it so you leave it with the instruction that it is not to be worn out in public or when your parents come over for a visit. Guys don’t like to shop and if women are watching the budget maybe their underwear is last on the “need” list. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend that money on a pair of awesome heels? So that could be where the down economy no new underwear thing comes from.

So take these interesting but possibly unrelated shopping habits with a grain of salt. Consumers will buy what they think or feel is a need or can’t live without item. Sometimes we are forced to pay for something we don’t want to, think appliance repair, but overall when everything is working fine, we might want to spend on something fun. Since jewelry is always fun look for accessories that have a little sparkle and shine for those parties. I’m going to buy a pair of killer heels and some new underwear, that should throw off all those predictors and wouldn’t that be fun?

 Try a super sparkly earring to dress things up and have some fun

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