Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Stackable Ring

A popular style from my web store

Along with my theme yesterday of the charm bracelet, I would like to explore the jewelry option of the stackable ring. I have a few products that represent this concept already on my web store. One of the rings is a simple antiqued version with small gemstones set with a 14K gold accent. It’s quite cute and I’ve sold a lot of these. I also have a stackable type ring that is made from surgical stainless steel. The edges are nice and smooth so the bands can be worn together. The rings are set with Swarovski cubic zirconia so when you put two or more together, you get a lot of bling.

Just like the charm bracelet I am considering selling an entire line of these little rings. It pretty much started with the stackable rings I was already carrying in inventory. I had many requests for different color stones, or a different band style, both of which could get pretty expensive if we are talking about a custom piece. Most people are looking for something that will make the jewelry piece unique, but they don’t want to drain their retirement accounts to do it. Enter the Stackable Expressions collection.

 Some sample pictures from the catalog

This is a collection of rings that come in a variety of styles and colors and can be mixed or matched to get that perfect look. This is also the answer to those customers who really like a particular style but wish it had a slightly different look. What I like about these rings is the endless possibilities. You can start with two or three rings and add to your collection. Since I love to collect jewelry, this is perfect! You can pick the color of rings to go with other jewelry you are wearing or match the color of your outfit. It gives a little versatility to that eclectic look that is so popular right now. The sizing options are also great. They come as small as a five and as large as a ten. Now I can order rings that will fit my index finger (I have fat fingers).

So I will be spending a little time thinking about my selections for samples. This is truly the most enjoyable part of my work. Picking out jewelry actually is my job, life doesn't get any better than this. While this may be tons of fun, it can get a little confusing so now is when I ask for help from all of those out in the blogosphere. What would you look for in a stacking ring selection? Remember I have approximately 850 rings to choose from so use your imagination. A stacking ring is the reflection of the wearer; it expresses their style and personality. This is probably why it is such a hot fashion item right now. So come on and join the fun, would love to hear some input and I might write about any awesome suggestions.

 Similar to a stacking ring but you add an eternity band to the center

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  1. Wow, those rings are something else. Completely envious and inspired.