Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Charm Bracelet

Behold the sample bracelet

Earlier this week I wrote a blog about the charm bracelet and how it has been around forever and just about everyone has one. Now I can say that I have a charm bracelet, albeit for my web store. I put together a sample charm bracelet that has a variety of glass, natural stone, silver beads, dangles and other items on a sterling silver bracelet. Now I have this bracelet to photograph for a banner and take around to show customers at trunk shows.

This sample is important, just like all my other samples. Customers like to feel and see what they are purchasing. This is kind of hard to achieve when someone is buying something posted on a website. I will admit that I cruise the internet regularly and I love to shop. I have a pair of Frye black Harness boots in my cart at Zappos right now. If only I could figure out how to buy these without my husband getting mad because I already own twenty pairs of boots and booties. Shoes are a “girl thing” is not an appropriate answer. But shoe purchases are a little different than jewelry purchases. We all know that a shoe goes on our foot and how it will most likely look. The only problem with shoes is whether they fit or are they so hideously uncomfortable we can’t stand to have them on our feet for more than a minute. Plus free shipping both ways kind of removes a lot of anxiety.

 Love the birthstone crystal ball and the Dichroic glass bead

Jewelry is different in that its size, color and shape may not be what we thought when we looked at the picture on-line. It could be larger than expected or smaller. While a color may state “beautiful swirls of yellow and gray” it may look more brown than gray. This may not be what we were looking for when we bought the item. There are many variables that can make purchasing jewelry on-line a moment to hesitate. This is why I am signing on to the charm bracelet line. There are tons of pieces in this collection so it would be possible to say that there is a piece for everyone. This is hard to say with many jewelry pieces. While I may love a piece of jewelry it can have the exact opposite reaction from someone else, they may loath it.

Those who collect charms for their charm bracelets are interested in variety, or at least I hope. I will soon have a category completely devoted to these little charmers. So keep a look out on my website because I know the pictures are on their way. I am setting aside a block of time next week to get this charm show on the road. In the meantime, I hope that my blurry iPhone pictures give everyone an idea of what is coming. Feel free to let me know what types of charms you are interested in seeing. I always love input!

 What's your story?

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