Friday, November 18, 2011

Items in My Web Store

By now anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a web store. It’s kind of homegrown and simple. Yes I covet the look of web stores like David Yurman, my favorite, but we obviously don’t have the same budget. This means that I will be slogging through all of the data entry, descriptions and images myself. This is fine, it gives me more control over my content, but it does mean that I will have to work harder to get things done. This isn’t always easy with the other duties I am required to handle on a daily basis, and let’s face it some are way more fun than others.

 Popular multi-gemstone cuff made of sterling silver

This past week I’ve been shopping for samples and new items to add to the store for the holiday season. This is a task that I take on without any complaints. Who doesn’t love to shop for jewelry? This is the best part of my job, shopping. I get to look at a lot of items and pick out which one is best. I look for quality, variety and customization options. These are important because nobody wants to buy something of poor quality and if there are a lot of options and types there will be a better selection to choose from. I have heard the concept that scarce selection creates a feeling of urgency. I’m sure this works when you own the Hope Diamond, but since this would severely limit my inventory, I won’t be offering such rarities today.

 Love the edges of this cuff

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I’ve been so busy with showing jewelry that I’ve had little time to perform my data entry. This is good because my husband has had little time to take pictures and as soon as I get a sample in, it goes out the door. No time to photograph the sample. This has happened a couple of times and while this item is not so rare that I cannot get another, it is shocking how one item can sell out so quickly while others languish. As an example, I found a beautiful handcrafted pure silver cuff with intricate etchings on the inside. I loved this cuff and thought I would have a hard time keeping them in stock. I’ve shown the cuff to numerous people who have admired the workmanship but unfortunately no takers. That changed yesterday.

 Intricate exterior details

The cuff went to a new home and the owner just loves it. She is a world traveler and adventurer so she appreciates the unique workmanship just as I did. This is the unseen aspect of jewelry purchasing; it is sending the piece away to a good home with someone who understands that jewelry is to be worn. I must say that I have a slight emotional attachment to many of my pieces; after all, they were my selections. I pick out jewelry with a little of my own likes and dislikes, which may not be good, but because of this I feel the specialness of the jewelry. I’ve always tried to pass this on to the purchaser, the idea that this piece of jewelry is special and if they’re interested, I tell them why. So today I have one fewer cuff in my collection, while not a tragedy, it is a good feeling to know that someone loved that piece enough to buy it.

 Inside detail work

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