Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Shopping

 Maybe a charm for my charm bracelet?

Okay, yesterday I thought people may have had enough of shopping and getting mauled at the mall and made the incorrect prediction that this year Black Friday would just be lukewarm. Boy was I wrong! According to statistics this year’s Black Friday was not only successful, but it broke records. I guess that opening early thing only made employees mad. Shoppers hit the stores in droves and hopefully after all the numbers are calculated this will be the shopping year that helped get America back into recovery. But is this really what we should be striving for, shopping till we drop or are retailers just getting desperate?

According to a survey released by the National Retail Federation Black Friday weekend shows that spending reached $52.4 billion. This is a new record. Apparently before the turkey leftovers had been wrapped people were out shopping and hunting for bargains. While many people are shopping and buying some analyst claim that this weekend was great but don’t expect it to continue. The theory goes, those bargain hunters and hardcore shoppers came this weekend and now they are done. The remaining shoppers are people who have very small lists or really don’t want to spend a whole lot. This means that sales may slide as time goes by.

 Clip on charms that you might just love

Another disturbing side was all the violence on Black Friday. Since the poor hapless employee who was trampled to death years ago, shoppers are pulling out all the stops when it comes to getting that bargain. Nearby a shopper was shot in a San Leandro CA parking lot when he refused to give up his bounty to a robber. A woman pepper sprayed and sickened twenty shoppers so she could get the upper hand. People practically rioted over $2 waffle irons and an older shopper was injured by security guards who thought he was stealing. Personally I think its way safer to stay home and shop on Cyber Monday. I like to think of Cyber Monday as Black Friday’s safer and saner cousin.

The holiday shopping season may not necessarily be over and while Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming distant memories there is always on-line shopping to meet the need. I personally love browsing on-line, looking at pictures and maybe sending a question regarding something that’s really interesting. So shop on-line, give your car a break and I bet you’ll still find something you love, no visit to the hospital emergency room required.

 Maybe an adorable little giraffe is just what I need?

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