Monday, November 21, 2011


 Stacking rings make me happy and they don't cost a lot.

I recently read a blip about two scientists from Princeton University that did a study to determine the right amount of income needed to find happiness. According to the study which was published in the Gallup Management Journal, a $75,000.00 annual income is the right amount, less than this reduces happiness and yet there is no significant increase in happiness when incomes rise above this level. This got me to thinking…what is the right amount of jewelry purchasing that would make a person happiest? Jewelry is probably not measured on a per year purchase basis so how much jewelry creates the perfect amount of satisfaction?

While it is probably impossible to determine this statistic, even with a scientific poll, it would be interesting to get an answer. If your jewelry box is overflowing with baubles, are you happier than if you have only a few well planned pieces? Does quantity or lack thereof really have an effect on our mood? I have to admit that I own a lot of jewelry and I like nothing better than to add a new piece or two each year. I would love to add a new piece or two each month but I really do want to stay married and while accumulating another piece would make me happier I seriously doubt my husband’s reaction would be positive.

 This ring will make me happy...I'm sure of it!

This got me thinking about which pieces that I add really make me the happiest. The Gabrielle Bruni Creation Etruscan ring I ordered is something that I admire and know will be worn frequently. It has classic styling and goes well with other pieces I already own. This is important since my wardrobe and accessories are not in a state of constant flux. I’ve been around awhile and understand how to best dress my body type and what styles I can get away with, so some new fashion hits are really a miss when I wear them. This is important because we all don’t look good in the same thing. This also goes for jewelry. One person’s fabulous is another person’s hideous. I’ve seen women wearing layered necklaces, and I love this look, unfortunately I look like I have twelve chins and a total mess when I wear this fashion statement. Yet I can wear huge rings, wide banded rings and large earrings without looking odd.

This is what probably makes us happy about jewelry. It may not be the quantity but how it makes us feel about our looks. I saw a woman the other day wearing bracelets up both wrists, they were simple, some real some costume but she looked great. I commented on how she mixed and matched so well and she told me she loves all the baubles on her wrists. She said she didn’t feel dressed unless she had many bracelets on to compliment her outfit. She also said she owns scores of bracelets of different quality, types and sizes. She also looked totally chic not overdone. She found her style and what works for her. She found her happiness.

A pretty detailed band to mix or match

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  1. I find my jewelry happiness with rings! I cannot have too many....the more the merrier! I feel absolutely naked if I don't have at least two rings on at all times, even for a trip to the grocery store.