Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Gifts That Keeps on Giving

Stacking rings make a great gift

No I’m not talking about something bad, I’m talking about a gift that allows you to continue to give. This can be said of charity work, teaching a child to read or even donating money to research disease. When you give a gift you hope that it will continue to make the recipient happy and remind them of the spirit of giving. The holidays are swiftly approaching and gift giving is coming front and center, ideas on what to give that hard to buy for person becomes important. Not everyone lends themselves well to easy gift giving. I happen to include my husband in this department. It’s not that I don’t have any idea what to buy; I just want to make sure it is money well spent since paying the bills is kind of his domain.

 Add a crystal band

The types of gifts that give an opportunity to build a foundation that can be added upon are the kind I like best. Recently I’ve had suggestions from some of my clients about what they like the most about particular pieces. The charm bracelet seems to be a well liked piece. Many people begin a bracelet with a few charms and then over time, others gift charms to this individual who then fills up the bracelet. This is a wonderful piece for that hard to buy for person. It’s also a way for others to share in the collection. If I start a bracelet for my daughter and buy her a charm for special events or her birthday, I am helping to contribute to a lifelong collection. Many of my clients find that they make the perfect gift at gift exchanges. If someone has a hobby or likes particular colors they can always find a charm that the recipient will love.

 Initial beads and pretty Murano glass make great gifts

Also many charms come in favorite themes, animals, flowers, Celtic designs and even custom name charms. This makes it easy for someone to tell a story about their life and isn’t this what a charm bracelet is all about? I’ve also had a lot of interest in the stacking rings we carry. These are slim or wide bands in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold that can be stacked or worn together. There are also rings with gemstones and enamel so it makes for some interesting combinations. These rings are great because they can be worn with existing rings or over time someone can purchase multiple rings to be worn together. You can create your own unique sets of rings and mix and match. I like how a large gemstone looks sitting in between two bands. The bands also come in a ton of different styles, decorative or plain depending on your mood. Any way you slice it, it’s fun to have options and charm bracelets and stacking rings give a lot of options. Ask around, you might find that this is the perfect gift for that special someone or even yourself.

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