Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gift Giving

 Ahh, the simple pleasure of giving to the young

Tis the season for gift giving or at least it is right around the corner. We all start around now to think about what we are going to be giving to the people in our lives. For me it’s easy to shop for my niece and nephew, they are both young and happy so any cute little toy will make their smile wider. It’s such a wonderful age, you don’t have to worry that the gift you buy will be greeted with a fake smile and the phrase, “Oh I love it.” This inevitably happens as the recipient gets older and as they enter the “teen” years. We have a tendency to develop specific likes and dislikes as we age and we also have accumulated things in our lives. So unless we want to end up like an episode of Hoarders, we become choosy about what we allow into our homes.

This is the part that scares me. While many will say it’s the thought that counts, the thought that we don’t have a clue as to what to buy someone can be frightening. My husband knows that I love jewelry, it’s obvious, but he is still afraid to buy me any. He knows after many years of cruising through stores and evaluating designs I’ve developed a style that he may not completely grasp. Fortunately my husband is a smart man and has learned to either consult our daughter for gifts or defer to me. I am proud to say that I am getting the Gabrielle Bruni Collection white topaz ring for our anniversary. He knows about it, he just didn’t know until it had been ordered.

 My anniversary present

I guess I would have to say that the most important thing in gift giving is knowing the person you are giving to. I know that my mother in law is an avid gardener and her yard shows it. Most people would not be thrilled with the prospect of digging a giant hole and spending hours mulching but if I buy her a fruit tree or some other plant she will love it and plan just where it should be planted. My dad is equally as easy since he cooks and loves gourmet food baskets with either seasonal item or things he can’t find since he moved away from California. Knowing what a person would enjoy in a gift and using this fact makes it easier to buy for them. It’s the people we have only a glancing acquaintanceship with that make it hard. What do we get that person in the office exchange, what would Aunt Sara whom we haven’t seen in ten year want, is it still okay to give booze to the mailman?

It is probably safest to purchase gifts that are neutral for those we do not know well. A nice scarf or gloves for the winter month’s work well for both men and women, keep it basic. While many would say never buy a gift card, you can safely buy an iTunes gift cards for the music lover or a Starbucks gift card for the coffee aficionado. If it were me I would love a piece of jewelry. Gemstone earrings are always great because I will eventually wear an outfit that is perfect with whatever color I’ve been given. It is important to also remember that jewelry, unlike some clothing items fits just about anyone. While it may not be easy to purchase a gift for everyone on our list, try not to stress out, and remember, always get the gift receipt. 

 Maybe the matching earrings for Christmas, hint hint!

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