Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Charm Bracelet

A sampling of religious charms

You see them everywhere, on the wrists of soccer moms, nurses at hospitals and even your next door neighbor. It’s the ubiquitous charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have been around for a very long time and many generations of women have worn them. Charm bracelets were originally worn by ancient civilizations to ward off evil spirits. In later time’s a charm bracelet could be interpreted as a sign of wealth or prosperity. There have been many times throughout history where the popularity of a charm bracelet has come and gone. Queen Victoria started a fashion trend, Tiffany & Company created an icon with their heart charm bracelet and generations of young women grew up collecting charms to symbolize life’s achievements. So why am I only looking into this fashion trend now? I’ve been busy.

 Charms for the wine lover

I’ve always been interested in charm bracelets. I purchased one for my daughter when she was in high school and Juicy Couture was all the rage. These charm bracelets are still popular as I saw a display at our local department store this past weekend. Juicy Couture has a huge display and if I was thinking of a good Christmas gift for her, I could probably find something. The charm bracelet is an eternal piece of jewelry since this particular form has been around so long it has proven itself as a staple or classic accessory. The interesting thing about charm bracelets today is all of the options which allows for years of collecting.

 Charms for special occasions

I was looking through a catalog of various charms, the beaded type, and was surprised at how many hours I actually spend gazing at all the charms. The variety was a little daunting. It took a few days and many hours to familiarize myself with all the various types and styles available, there is a huge selection. Another daunting task is being able to put together a charm bracelet. In general, someone would not put together a single bracelet at one time; the idea appears to be adding to the bracelet over time. This way the purchaser can select charms that have significance in their life. The charm bracelet owner is also encouraged to select a variety of charms that can be mixed or matched to suit their outfit or mood and they can switch out different charms to accomplish this task. It makes perfect sense.

 Some charms just make you smile!

The level of versatility is amazing and I am seriously considering carrying a few of these for my customers. Since having an “arm party” is so popular, why not have one with a charm bracelet? The customizable options are endless, you can wear several bracelets together and there are even special clips to keep two or more bracelets together. I for one am becoming enamored with this accessory and am thinking that I would love to start collecting charms for myself. At the very least my family would finally be able to always find a gift for me on my birthday or Christmas that I know I would love.


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