Monday, November 14, 2011

The 50s are Back

 Pearls are back in style

 The latest buzz in the fashion world centers around the return of the 50s and 60s for looks this fall and spring. The runways are featuring dresses and little cropped jackets, a very lady like look. Don’t forget the scarves and a handbag you have to hold in your hand because it has a top handle. But the most important accessory of all for this blast from the past look is the pearl necklace. The pearl necklace was a standard of any woman’s wardrobe back in the 50s. If you didn’t own a set of pearls, even little ones, you were missing the mark on a fashionable ensemble. While today’s designs retain the flavor of this era gone by, it mixes things up to create a slightly different look.

The pearl necklace is worn a little bigger and a little bolder. It might be large pearls that create a chunky look or it might be pearl-like but in different colors, think beads as opposed to pearls. The colors can be quite bold in red or turquoise, but never dismiss the classic white pearl. This necklace is still a big part of the lady like look and cannot be ignored or eliminated. If you want to mix up your look try pearls in different colors. I have the classic white pearls but I also have pearls in peach and a mixed string with peach, white and lavender. While colored pearls add a little interest, they keep the genre feminine.

 Colored pearls add a little interest to any outfit

The introduction of a more feminine look for women, where everyone wears a dress and appears delicate and demure is a way that people can return to the idolized safety of the era. The 50s were an era that has been depicted as an ideal in the media. Backyard BBQs, kids playing in the yard and the end of the war, it was a time when everyone finally felt like life could be lived. While this may have been a complete fabrication it is still stuck in people’s minds and it appears to be getting another go around. The world is currently in turmoil with economic uncertainty; occupy movements all around the country and the letdown that science was going to solve all our problems. I’m still wondering what happened to the flying cars. It appears that the Star Trek future is not going to happen anytime soon.

So for now I guess the fashion industry is going to give the comfort and security of the 50s and 60s another try. Maybe their hoping that if people dress more civilized we will act more civilized. Hey, it’s worth a shot! So break out the Peter Pan collared shirts, pencil skirts and high heeled shoes. Don’t forget to dress it up with a great set of pearls; you can wear them long, doubled up or as a choker. The nice thing about a great pearl necklace is its status as a classic. If you spend money now it will be something that can be worn for years to come and probably passed down. I know this is true because I’m wearing my Grandmother’s pearls from this bygone era and they’re still fashionable.

 Classic white pearls never go out of style

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