Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 and Gemstone Magic

  Amethyst earrings with 18K gold
Today is Veteran’s Day and 11/11/11. It makes one wonder what’s in store since this date comes around once every millennium or something like that, and honoring our service men and women only happens once a year. The fact that these two events fell on the same date is interesting. There have been mystical prophecies associated with this date. I’ve seen articles touting the importance of the date and articles discussing the rituals that performed on this date will bring about great events. Will honoring our veterans on this date bring them enhanced honor? There are even reports that the pyramids are closed. I prefer to stick with simple and wearable mysticism, gemstones.

Gemstones have symbolized particular powers and have been attributed with various characteristics. Today I will give a quick rundown on birthstones.

January: The garnet symbolizes love and romance, red is often associated with passion. The garnet is said to bring inspiration.

 Spark a little romance with these garnet and citrine earrings

February: The amethyst is a stone of the mind. This delicate purple stone can bring about clarity and calmness to the wearer.

March: The aquamarine has positive energy that brings courage and serenity to the wearer and helps the creative process.

April: White topaz is the stone of power. This gemstone is said to protect and heal and helps the wearer to be more in tune with their thoughts and actions.

May: The emerald brings the luck of the Irish. This bright green stone bestows creativity, wisdom and reason upon the wearer.

June: The rhodolite garnet is used in meditation to help the thought processes and promotes self confidence. This stone is also red so it inspires love in the wearer.

July: The ruby is a stone of spiritual wisdom, it symbolizes health and knowledge. If you wear a ruby you will feel content and peaceful.

August: The peridot is the color of money so it symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It will help the wearer to be friendly, pure and simplifies their life.

September: The deep blue of a sapphire represents truth, faithfulness and honesty all good attributes for anyone to possess. The wearer will feel calm and peaceful when they have a blue sapphire on their person.

October: Pink tourmaline is a comfort and safety stone. It will bring the wearer emotional and spiritual love and who doesn’t want that?

 A 7.8 carat citrine is sure to bring happiness

November: The citrine is a beautiful yellow stone that enhances the wearer’s self confidence, discipline and creativity. Happiness and optimism are the hallmarks of this gemstone.

December: Blue topaz reflects eternal love and faithfulness in the wearer. Wear this gemstone during a test since it inspires clarity of mind and helps concentration.

While I may not necessarily believe all of this mystical magic power stuff can be attributed to any particular gemstone, this is the day to believe in good magic! I know that gemstones are beautiful and when I wear a gemstone regardless of the color or type I love the way it sparkles. This sparkle is fascinating and draws me in, gazing at the stone I feel a peace that maybe mystical or just my admiration. All people have some fascination with large and small gemstones, nature is beautiful and we can’t help but admire it. So since today is a holiday and a mystical day, wear a gemstone and everything should be glorious.

 Blue topaz that anyone would love for eternity

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