Monday, October 3, 2011

Working an On-line Store

Working at my computer

Last week I wrote about the web store versus the mall store. While these two stores are different based on their locations, they do have many similarities. Both stores require inventory and the associated controls and tracking. The look of the store or displays and of course customer service is concerns for both stores. What most people don’t see is all the work that goes into an on-line store.

I’m sure that most people believe that you either hire someone to build a store or build it themselves and then you’re done. This is not true at all. Just as a brick and mortar store requires constant maintenance, so does an on-line store. The maintenance requirements for an on-line store are different in that one must keep current of all search engine requirements and other technologies pertaining to the internet. While I do not completely understand all of the inner workings of an on-line store, I’m involved enough to know that it is a lot of work.

 Need to re-shoot product pictures
Since I am a pretty fast typist and love to write, I was given the assignment of writing descriptions, imputing meta data and basically populating the store and making sure options and rules had been set. I literally spend months working on just these few items. Additionally, when it came to choosing colors and the overall theme of the store, I was called into action. Apparently I can pick color combinations a little better than the web guy helping with the big stuff and my husband. Although hubby has an eye for symmetry, this is very important if you don’t want your banners or other items on your website to look lopsided.

I’m lucky in that my husband is pretty tech savvy and at the very least, willing to learn and not afraid of making a mistake. Many people have to hire someone at great cost and then have to battle it out to determine what the website should look like. This battle can be very difficult. I had some specific wants for my website that my husband just didn’t seem willing to do at first, but after many months I’ve been able to convince him of the merits of my ideas. This has led to some recent changes in color and style which I am pleased with, so far. I think hubby was willing to try some of my ideas because I had already put in hundreds of hours on the website and wanted to reward my efforts. That’s one way to get someone to do boring data entry for days.

But we are still not done with this latest revamp. We are going to reshoot some of the pictures on the website to give each category a polished look. So keep an eye out for further blogging on how much fun it is to work with your significant other in a photo shoot. Remember, I am just an assistant.

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