Friday, October 28, 2011

The Woman Entrepreneur

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Statistically women are starting more businesses. Women are also attending college is greater numbers than men and are now officially the majority in the workforce. Part of this increase is brought about by necessity and the economy. Lower wages have forced the necessity of a two income family and as more and more jobs disappear; people have to create their own. As a woman business owner I understand this need.

I went to college and earned a BA, I attended one year of law school before I found out it wasn’t in the cards. I also have a paralegal certificate from an ABA accredited university, yet I have been unable to find a job in this crazy market. Many women are facing the same situation, over educated and under employed. Women may also have to deal with childcare as children may still be at home and in school. This places a greater burden on women who maybe torn between helping to provide a better life and being available for family. Enter the woman entrepreneur.

Women owned businesses are generally smaller and more likely to be home based or at least partially run out of their home. The self employed home based business woman can work their job around their schedule and that of their household. Unlike a nine to five job, you can still be there to take the kids to school and pick them up after. This is important for a lot of women. It has always been an important factor for women to be available, hence the growth of businesses like Tupperware and Avon during the period of the “happy homemaker.” These types of business plans allows for the visit or party to take place around the woman’s schedule.

Women small business owners’ may be coming into their own in this new economy. Women have strong communication skills and social intelligence. Women are better listeners and have the ability to collaborate as a group. Business does not solely rely upon a person at the top making a decision and those beneath carrying it out. Business today may require more conversation and drawing upon innovative ideas or listening to truly understand the customer’s needs. Case in point, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings decided to separate the DVD and streaming divisions of his business with disastrous results. This top down “do as I say” form of leadership did not work. If he had simply asked someone what they thought and actually listened, there could have been a much more successful outcome. A woman would have asked and discussed to get a general consensus before making a rash decision.

The new business owner is now a woman and while no one style can overcome all market difficulties, women may be better equipped to find success. Women who are working have always found it to be a juggling act and sometimes our arms get tired and we feel overwhelmed, this is natural. But it is encouraging and great motivation to see that maybe some of our cultural characteristics and feminine traits are actually helping us.  So go out there and start a business or support a woman owned business. We may ultimately find the harmony and security we all seek.

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