Monday, October 24, 2011

OMG Those Are My Earrings!

InStyle Magazine Volume 18 Number 12 November/11 Page 66

Okay, those aren’t actually my earrings, but they sure look a lot like a pair I sell in my store Mark Gregory & Company. In the November issue of In Style magazine there is a picture of the young and beautiful Emma Roberts. She is sporting a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings that are round cut and sparkly. These earrings look fabulous and I was shocked to see that a design I thought was great is now being worn by a movie star. The earrings themselves are a simple design, not a lot of embellishments or do dads, just a unadorned round cut crystal with a slight drop. In the picture, the crystal is surrounded by gold and this is where my earrings differ, mine on done in Palladium.

It is so much fun to see a similar design being worn by someone famous and featured in a magazine. Not only does this validate my purchasing decision, it will hopefully create some interest in this style. It is enjoyable to see a similar design in print. While it is not always a good idea to copy another’s designs, it is okay to have similar styles. Every jeweler who sells a round or princess cut solitaire diamond ring is not infringing upon other jewelers designs, some styles have become classics.

 Rock Crystal Earring Set in Palladium, Approximately 30.9 Carats

There is a reason these designs become classics; they are popular and loved by many. Simple designs become classics the most easily. A straightforward design lends itself well to accessorizing many different outfits and looks. The piece of jewelry is usually very versatile and adds just the right amount of attention. It is generally not too flashy and is a piece that can be worn for years. Some timeless pieces of jewelry include, diamond stud earrings, in a variety of cuts and shapes. Diamond rings are another classic piece of jewelry. It’s fun when a designer takes a classic design and adds a little panache to it. In the case of my shiny rock crystal earrings, the size is large and the wire allows them to have a slight dangle and a bit of movement. The movement helps the earrings to really catch the light and sparkle.

Today I actually feel really good about those earrings. I’ve loved them from the minute I saw them, in fact, it was those large gemstones that caught my eye and drew me to the designers’ booth at JCK. If one keeps a design clean and unfussy, but adds a little size to the piece, it gives it a bit of edginess. That’s what makes these round rock crystal earrings so great, their classic with a little touch of edge. This style will make any woman stand out in a crowd of classics and don’t we all want to stand out just a little?

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