Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Love Amber

Honey amber pendant set in sterling silver

I’m going through this naturalistic phase lately. It’s the appeal of natural materials in jewelry that actually look like natural material that has my interest. Amber is a natural resin or sap and it’s really cool with all of its imperfections and flaws. When you hold a piece of amber jewelry up to the light you can see little bits and pieces of organic matter. Amber seems to capture the light and hold it. Another benefit of amber is the color. The reds and browns are perfect for fall and remind me of the turning of the leaves. Since I live in California there really isn’t the fabulous change of season one gets in say, Vermont. Leaves here have a tendency to turn yellow, then brown, and then fall off the tree.

Amber is a way to introduce fall colors into my wardrobe. Not that I don’t already wear browns and reds, my favorite sweater right now is a pumpkin color. A pumpkin colored sweater is pretty fall looking! Amber jewelry is a great accessory. If we here in California can’t have the typical fall colors we can wear them. Fall calls for tweeds and sweaters, and what better way to wear these then by accenting them with amber.

 Honey amber earrings set in sterling silver. Beautiful variation and display of organic material.

Amber is a natural resin or sap that came from extinct prehistoric coniferous pine trees. It’s basically a form of a fossil. There are sometimes bubbles that formed during the fossilization and many times there are bits of organic material such as leaf pieces, seeds, dirt and even bugs. Wow, Jurassic Park. It’s this ability to capture nature that makes amber so special and attractive. As the seasons change everyone becomes more thoughtful about nature. Our environment is changing right before our eyes. The weather gets cooler and people begin to bundle up. The change of wardrobe also brings on a change in accessories. Amber is perfect.

If you ever get a chance, wear some amber jewelry with your fall wardrobe. It will bring out the beautiful rich hues of a fall day. The subtle shades of dark red to reddish brown transitioning all the way to yellow mimic a glamour shot of a Vermont forest. So add a little amber to your jewelry collection, it’s easy on the budget and the eyes.

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