Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall is Coming, or is it?

Earth Gems, zebra stone, black jasper and white agate on a leather strap

Every year around this time I start seeing fashion ideas related to fall and the coming cooler weather. I just love fall. I will admit that I am a jeans, boots and tweed blazer kind of gal and this has been my basic uniform since high school. Thank goodness it’s still in fashion. In fact, it seems to be making another comeback. I remember this look when it was worn by Ali McGraw in “Love Story.” It once again became popular when preppy was in, with some variation, in the late 80s. It seems to be a style that continues to be popular and a look that is associated with fall. Then why won’t fall hurry up and get here?

 White agate with a grape garnet

The weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area has been rather balmy. Yesterday we had a high of 87 degrees. Other than a small burst of rain last week and one foggy day this week, it’s been really warm, warmer than summer. This has been a little discouraging for my wardrobe selection. I thought of a new way to wear Earth Gems and I’ve been waiting for turtleneck weather to try it out. I think a basic black turtleneck with a zebra stone Earth Gems pendant, or several grouped together, would be really stunning. The statement necklace worn over a turtleneck sweater would look awesome. I’ve envisioned a thin, silky turtleneck that doesn’t have too much texture; this may interfere with the texture of the stones. It just seems like the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

 Black jasper with Imperial Diopside, can be worn with a grey turtleneck sweater

It is really hard to look sane while wearing a turtleneck sweater in 87 degree heat; I don’t care how fashionable and together you look. I had to meet a client yesterday and wore a blazer. Even though I was wearing a thin shell underneath, I know I looked a little crazy since every where people were dressed in summer dresses and shorts. There are still people in flip flops! According to my weather app things should be cooling down this weekend. I’m hoping so, can’t wait to try out my accessory idea.

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