Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cutie Factor in Jewelry

Prada teddy bear clip-ons

Never underestimate the cutie factor in jewelry. I like to consider the cutie factor in jewelry anything that makes a customer go “aww, it’s that cute.” On occasion I hear this phrase and I have to admit, sometimes it’s really cute.

 Various Prada "creatures" clip-ons

I recently saw some cute little teddy bears and other creatures that had been all “blinged” out. These are made by Prada and are designed to be clipped to your Prada bag. I remember back in the late 80s and early 90s when my daughter and all her friends were crazy over little do dads that they would clip to their backpacks. If one does the math, this particular item introduced by Prada maybe aimed at this age group. Most of these young ladies would have been in middle school when this fashion trend hit. Since then, this age group has finished college, moved out and gotten “real” jobs. As a group, they are now independent, mostly, and have their own money to spend on handbags and other accessories. In waltzes the clip on cuteness, and at $150 estimated retail price, many may be able to afford the teddy even if they can’t afford the bag. Who wouldn’t want to own a little Prada?

 Hershey Kiss bracelet in sterling silver

The teddy bear cuties are in fact, cute. While I personally would have a hard time paying $150 for one of these babies, I find them fun. They are adorable but I’m not sure that they fit my age. Although they probably fit my daughters age group to a tee. Cuteness can be a difficult line to cross in jewelry. Jewelry should be fun and while many customers want serious pieces there are also many who want something that has an element of whimsy. This is probably why my Hershey Kiss jewelry is doing so well. While it is made of sterling silver and gold the shape is pure enjoyment. After all, who does love a chocolate kiss?

 Hershey Kiss bracelet with cubic zirconia set in sterling silver, very cute!

This cute factor has made my Hershey Kiss jewelry, charm bracelets and now probably Prada teddy bears popular. In these hard economic times customers are looking for things that give comfort or make them smile. A Hershey Kiss around your wrist is not only a conversation piece but a little bit of fun. I personally think that if you added real diamonds, which is possible, this piece is not only fun but mature. But then again, who wants to be mature all the time. What’s that phrase, “I may grow old but I don’t have to grow up.” Sounds good to me and maybe I’ll have a little fun along the way with a Hershey Kiss.

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