Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Camel Coat

 Harper's Bazaar Magazine, October Issue
I’ve seen some great uses for the fashion staple, the camel wool coat. This coat can be seen in a multitude of different cuts and lengths. It is extremely versatile and while the concept is not new, it’s now hot. Wear the camel coat with other neutral pieces for a complete look.

Harper’s Bazaar October issue has a wonderful pictorial in the Smart Shopping section of ways to wear camel. It’s a neutral and sometimes when you dress in all neutrals it can have a large impact. While the clothing depicted is decidedly simple in line and color, some of the accessories are standout. The popular black pump goes well with camel and of course there is a beautiful black and gold statement bracelet. What I love the best is the animal print handbag by Ann Taylor. Not only is this handbag a classic design, it’s a great price, so how can you miss?

 Harper's Bazaar Magazine, scarlet accessories

While flipping through the magazine I notice the fabulous accessories in scarlet on page 110, it was in the Buy Now, Love Forever section. This got me thinking, why not scarlet with camel? Camel is such a neutral that it lends itself well to deep or rich colored accessories. Just as an animal print handbag goes well with camel, so does a deep scarlet handbag. These rich colors can be worn with camel and are probably best used as an accent. You can wear camel trousers and jacket with a deep red blouse, or dress entirely in camel and wear a pair of scarlet pumps. The color has so much impact it is sure to make your outfit standout, in a good way.

 Mark Gregory & Company Exclusive Garnet Earrings

Our store carries some beautiful garnet earrings that would be perfect with a camel ensemble. Also, a gemstone bracelet with brightly colored gemstones can be added for a touch of color. Since camel is so neutral you want to make sure that the accessories add a punch of color otherwise you end up monotone. While this effect is slimming, it can make you look bland, and no one wants to look bland. While black is equally attractive with camel, there is something about the brightness of garnets paired with a simple camel suit. So strike out in a camel coat but don’t forget to add some bright gemstones or deep reds for impact.

 Mark Gregory & Company rainbow gemstone bracelet, customization is available

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