Monday, September 26, 2011

The White T-Shirt

Even Angelina wears a white t-shirt

Okay, admit it, you have lots of white t-shirts in your wardrobe. Everyone has white t-shirts, it’s the all American staple and they are usually worn with jeans. It’s a classic.

My favorite outfit is a pair of jeans, rolled up and a white t-shirt. I usually wear a navy blazer and either white Keds or leather loafers, depending on my mood. The great thing about a white t-shirt is how it can be worn a multitude of different ways. I’ve seen a white t-shirt worn with black leggings, boots and a leather jacket. Other times I’ve seen a white t-shirt with a black skirt, pumps and a jeans jacket. It can be worn with white jeans, any color sweater and flats. Also seen with black silk pants, strappy high heeled sandals and a really cute tuxedo jacket, a white t-shirt is versatility.

Recently I’ve heard of a white t-shirt being worn with a statement necklace. Granted the white t-shirt has been upgraded a little with finer fabrics, but the cut is still pretty much the same. Most every designer understands the versatility of a white t-shirt and has been making appropriate changes in order to accommodate consumers. It’s easy to pair with just about anything else and it’s comfortable, what’s not to love and now fashion designers are pairing it with jewelry, awesome!
 Gemstone bangles go great with a t-shirt
Some of the best looks for a t-shirt have been the usual jeans and boots, but they also been pairing it with layered chains and necklaces. Some people have been wearing it long and belting it, throwing on a vest and a fedora and their done. When examining this fashion trend, I’ve noticed a 80s vibe, but better. Instead of those neon bracelets and plastic necklaces we’re seeing more alternative metals and even pearls and gold chains. It’s a much more eclectic look and it feels really good.

The necklaces are also getting a bit shorter and chunkier. Really cool beads and chains have been the necklace de jour worn with the popular t-shirt, and even the t-shirt is no longer reserved in white, it now comes in every color of the rainbow. Adding color makes a t-shirt look less like a t-shirt, worth noting if you’re trying to bridge a gap between dressy and casual.

The coolest thing about the t-shirt is the ability to wear jewelry to change the look. A bold statement necklace dresses up those black jeans and t-shirt. A pair of studded hoops makes the black skirt, t-shirt and jeans jacket more feminine. Bold bangles add flair to a t-shirt and sweater jacket combo. Its fun how the fashion industry is showing these new jewelry looks with t-shirts. So try a t-shirt on for size when going out tonight, it’s comfortable and fashionable.
 Earth Gems Pendants make great statement necklaces

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