Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sparkle on my Ears

Rock crystal earring, 30.9 carats of shiny!

The sparkle on my ears and the glitter on my finger make me happy. No, this was not written by a ten year old girl, but it could have been. My mother and I have always believed that women were part crow because we love things that sparkle and catch the light. The bigger and shinier the better has always been my philosophy.

If left to my own devices I would probably wear way too much jewelry and love every minute of it. Unfortunately, I do not happen to own the crown jewels so I’ll have to get by with smaller pieces.

I’ve always had a penchant for diamonds, if cut correctly they lend a sparkle to a piece of jewelry that usually cannot be beat. Lately I’ve amended this love to include white sapphire, topaz and other semi-precious gemstones. I’ve seen the use of white and other colored gemstones in the past usually as an accent or surrounding a much larger stone. This basic procedure hasn’t really changed but I’m noticing much better placement and the use of these gemstones to enhance jewelry pieces. While once a supporting actor, these stones in various colors are now earning leading roles.
 White topaz set in sterling silver and a touch of yellow gold
Sapphires and topaz come in a multitude of colors, yellows, purples, blues and browns. Most of the gemstones I am referring to are lab created or treated to produce the type of stone or desired color. One must remember that a lab created gemstone is chemically the same as a natural gemstone only this one was grown, like a science experiment. If one is not a purest or is on a budget such as myself, they will appreciate the laboratory results. Many labs can produce a nearly flawless gemstone at a fraction of the price of a natural gemstone or diamond.

These gemstones are then used to create beautiful jewelry that is remarkably affordable. White sapphires or topaz make a great substitute for diamonds and colored sapphires can be used to brighten solid metal pieces. Trigem Designs has some beautiful contemporary rings made from the metal of your choice, sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold and set with small sapphires in the color of your preference. I have sterling silver rings with beautiful blue colored sapphires and another ring with cognac colored sapphires; they can look brownish or pinkish depending on the light. The use of sterling silver and colored sapphires makes these rings very reasonably priced.
 Sterling silver contemporary ring with blue denim sapphires
The skyrocketing price of gold has put a lot of jewelry out of the reach of the average consumer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to buy pretty things to adorn ourselves with, we just have a budget. Diamonds have always been a hard to obtain piece, the larger they get, the exponentially higher the price. The acceptance of sterling silver and colored gemstones has allowed even those on a budget to indulge in our desire for things that sparkle and shine. 

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