Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New York Fashion Week & Technology

 Proenza-Schouler Spring/Summer 2010
While I would love to be able to attend New York Fashion Week (NYFW) I just can’t. I live in California, I can’t take time off of work and if I did I wouldn’t have the money to spend on such a wonderful event. Not to mention my husband would think it was a form of torture. Anyways, it has been something grand to follow in the news, on Facebook and Twitter. There have been fabulous pictures posted of the runway shows and all of the incredible fashions. Isn’t technology great?

While not attending NYFW, I’ve not been completely left out of the loop. I’ve been able to rely upon technology and the internet to keep me informed, view pictures and get everyone opinions on the latest fashion trends. Some of the people who are attending have been so good in their posts and blogs that I can almost feel the excitement coming across in their tweets and written words. It also appears that everyone, though exhausted, is having a wonderful time.

How did we survive before all of these methods of communication and social media? I guess people would just have to wait for writers of articles to return home and write their columns, now that’s torture. Technology has not only sped up the way we communicate, it has changed the way information is disseminated and the way we do business. We can now shop on-line and buy items to be shipped to our homes or businesses, and social media and the internet is having an effect on this too.

As a loyal David Yurman customer I received an email yesterday that clued me into a pre-sale of new fall items. I was able to browse the on-line store and view the beautiful new jewelry that had not come out yet, but I could order. David Yurman’s store would then ship the item to my home once it becomes available. This is a great feature since the nearest David Yurman is in Nevada and kind of a long drive to shop. This is how technology has changed how we shop. We receive notification via email or through a tweet or posting of something fabulous and then we can buy it.

The now infamous "crash" of the Target website because of it's deal with Missoni will live on long after all the items are purchased. Although Target is a very popular store, it took designer fashions at Target pricing to make an entire website crash for 24 hours. The reason, everyone had been posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter about this great event coming up. Everyone on social media was well informed, hence the crash.

We no longer have to wait for the latest fashion or accessory trends or go to faraway lands to view fashion shows, it comes to our door in neatly wrapped gift boxes or on our computer screens. We all know exactly when there is a big sale or when an event of gigantic importance to our fashion sensibilities is near. Thank goodness for the internet it's made missing NYFW a little easier to bear. Now if only we fix that "crash" thing...

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