Friday, September 16, 2011


Whenever we hear the word luxury we think of cars, boats, houses or vacations where they have little huts perched on a pier in a crystal clear lagoon, sigh. The word luxury is also associated with brands such as Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Luxury can also be an emotion, it’s a way we feel, pampered and loved. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I love my mink coat, it’s vintage and I inherited it so I’m repurposing!

Even though it’s politically incorrect to wear mink I can’t help but notice the women who come up to me at parties and “pet” my fur coat. We all appreciate the softness of the fur and the feeling of pure indulgence that comes from wearing such an extravagant coat. Did I mention its full length? This feeling of luxury was something I noticed after I got the coat. Woman did “pet” the coat, I swear, but I also noticed that luxury is something we admire.

A few years ago I remodeled my kitchen and put in granite on the counter tops. I had a talented granite guy who was able to find large scraps and made them work so I wouldn’t have to buy two full slabs. When the remodel was over my neighbors came to see the results. I noticed how many of them brushed their hand over the smooth surface of the granite, tactilely taking it in, luxury.

This sensation of luxury can be different from person to person, but it is something that we all can experience. When luxury is a brand we all know it. It’s usually somewhat exclusive either due to pricing or rarity. It carries a name that many know, it is not obscure, and the mentioning of that name creates an image in our minds. Yet this image is actually transferable. We can take this image with us where ever we go, without actually buying the brand. How you ask? By understanding what it is that the image projects.

The image of luxury projects something to each individual which is not exactly quantifiable. To some it is a sense of comfort, to others it maybe a sense of satisfaction. The wonderful thing about luxury is that it takes on many different forms that are individual to each person. It can be a scented candle, a leather handbag, a hardcover book or anything else that makes us feel like we have something that matters to us. The most important thing about luxury to each individual is that feeling of our own little indulgence. So go out today and indulge yourself a little, even if it’s just a fancy cup of coffee. Put on those special pieces of jewelry and have a glass of wine on an outdoor patio in the last waning days of summer. Experience your own luxury and have a wonderful luxurious weekend.

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