Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loving a Ring for my Index Finger

While this may not be a new trend, I’ve recently seen a lot of large rings on women’s index or middle fingers. Yes it’s a bit trendy, but it’s also cool. This is a great excuse for having multiple rings and wearing a fist full of jewelry.

Alas, I am cursed with fat fingers. My ring finger is a size 9 and when I’ve shown people that I cannot squeeze a size 7 over the second joint, they are shocked. Most people do not think my fingers are particularly fat. I guess my fingers are also long. I’ve been trying to find the perfect size for my index finger but I am loathe to buy a ring in a size 10 ½ or 11. What if my finger shrinks? Yah, like that’s going to happen!

I love the trend so much I’ve beginning to overcome my feelings about buying that size 10 to 11 ring. But why should I get so wrapped up in a size? After all, it’s a ring on my finger and most people won’t know what size I wear, unless of course they’ve been reading my blog posts.

Our society is overly concerned with size. I read an article that discussed clothing size and its effect on consumer spending. Women are more likely to buy an article of clothing if the size is reflective of their inner ideal. The interesting part about this article was the information stating the vast differences in manufacturer clothing sizes. Not all size 6 jeans are the same. There are extreme inconsistencies in sizing from one brand to another, and even within a brand.

Thank goodness the jewelry industry is consistent. With the exception of a thin banded ring and a wide banded ring, my size is always the same. Regardless of whether I’ve been indulging a little too much, I can always fit into my rings. I guess this is why I love a beautiful piece of jewelry and of course my many shoes. They are a size that I don’t have to struggle to fit into; I am so past that at this stage of my life.

So why shouldn’t I buy that large statement ring I’ve always admired? I’ve posted some pictures of rings I have in mind for making that statement. Which ring do my readers think I should buy? I’m partial to the white sapphire and sterling silver, but I would love to know which ring others would pick and why. 

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