Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Kid at Christmas Time

I got a shipment of jewelry the other day. Some of it was replacement pieces for those items that had been sold, other were new pieces that I am adding to the store. I was of course anticipating the arrival of the new pieces with great pleasure. It’s funny how that works.

As a store owner, I am aware that my merchandise is not for me. Purchases should be made with my customers in mind and with the concept that additions in merchandise should have salability. It is important for my bottom line that I do not stock my store with pieces that only appeal to my particular tastes. I should try and cross the bridge and see the shore from the other side and buy according to my customers’ tastes and desires. It’s sometimes hard to do this when we’re talking about jewelry.

As a woman and a small business owner, how do we discern between what we like and what our customers’ like? A business owner should be aware of trends in fashion and jewelry, what’s hot, what’s not, and try and figure out which pieces are going to fit a trend and also leave the store. It’s really hard because I really love jewelry. I’ve never met a piece of jewelry I didn’t like, to paraphrase. When that box came I immediately opened it to check the new pieces. It took about two seconds for me to figure out that I loved them. Now hopefully my customers will agree.

That’s the wonderful thing about jewelry, when you find something you love, it makes you feel good. This maybe something central to a woman’s way of thinking, but I know those guys out there that love their watches. Jewelry makes women feel good. It brings back memories of playing dress up were we could pile on the pretties and it didn’t matter. Those memories of putting on that special dress for a prom or dance and having the accessories just right that makes us feel good. I remember the day I got married. My husband to be had purchased a simple gold necklace with a single pearl that he had sent over to the house the morning we were to be married. Inside was a note that said “For your something new.” This is a memory that will stay with me forever, and it centers around jewelry.

Most of my major memories have something to do with jewelry; this may be why I love it so much. So when I open those packages from my fabulous designers I anticipate it like a little kid on Christmas morning. Even though I can’t keep all these treasures for myself, I get to do something better, share it with others. That’s what’s important, finding something unique and special and sharing it with the world. It feels good when others love the jewelry I’ve carefully picked out.

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