Friday, September 23, 2011

Indian Summer

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are experiencing a heat wave. According to the local weather people there should be a cooling trend starting today and temperatures will go back to normal. Thank goodness! I was melting in the heat and all the cute sweaters I recently bought have remained where they are, my closet. This got me to thinking, what about that white sweater I bought?

According to some arbitrary fashion maven, white after Labor Day was forbidden eons ago. Do these people know about Indian summer? Regardless of what anyone thinks, summer really begins in late August around here. We actually had a lot of rain and cold weather in June and July. This was the perfect weather for people to don sweaters and scarves.

But now is when the fashion industry is cranking out its new fall and winter lines and beautiful sweaters and coats are starting to show up in stores. I just can’t get into the mood for shopping for these heavy cover-ups when it is so hot outside. I don’t even want to go outside in this kind of heat. I still want to wear those cool white skirts and linen pants, but am I committing a terrible faux pas?

Fashion may have particular dictates, but sometimes I think the weather rules. This hot weather is giving us a little bit more of summer. We should take advantage of this opportunity and keep the sweaters under wraps and continue to wear our summer fare. I for one will continue to flaunt convention and will wear my whites.

Nowadays we can pretty much wear whatever we want. There are no more rules regarding what a proper lady wears. Of course, this doesn’t apply to office attire as most offices have their own rule of attire that each employee must adhere to, and even this is flexible. Most everyone understands the need to wear weather appropriate clothing. After all, no wants to get heat stroke just in order to be seasonably fashionable. But I also know that since this is the SF Bay Area, the weather will be completely different tomorrow.

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