Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm a Cardigan Gal

Okay, I admit it; I own way too many cardigans. I just love a cardigan. They go with everything from jeans to dresses and make a quick cover-up. I wear them over tank tops, sleeveless dresses, turtlenecks in the winter and pajamas in the morning. A cardigan always looks great, especially with a scarf. If I find a cardigan that I like, I will proceed to purchase it in every color that is available. I read in a magazine that something like, 84% of us will buy the same item in a different color if it’s something we love. That means that there are a lot of other women out there with the same piece of clothing, only in different colors. To all those practical women, I salute you!

It makes sense to buy something you like and reflects your sense of style in different colors. Other than cardigans, I also have several blazers in different colors and fabrics. They are not all the same cut so I can justify having multiples.

The cardigan obsession started about a year ago when I found this place that sold a longer cardigan in a bunch of different colors. I like the longer look and it’s tailored enough that it doesn’t just hang. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles. No frills, fancy buttons or even pockets. It really is a plain Jane. The great thing about being a plain Jane is you can glam it up with jewelry.

I think a cardigan over a dress looks pulled together when you add a little bit of bling. Wear something extra shiny or extra big, especially if you can match color to color. A black cardigan worn over a black tank top with jeans and black boots looks cool. Wear some shiny onyx with silver and your look is pulled together. You can also wear a cardigan with silk pants and some nice jewelry and you’ve instantly upgraded your outfit. A really great cardigan is like really great shoes, they’re versatile.

While I would love to have an excuse for getting all dressed up every day, I simply don’t, this is probably why I wear cardigans. They give a finished look to my usual pair of jeans or linen pants and add just the right amount of tailoring with buttons. If I happen to end up going out, I add some knockout jewelry and a pair of heels. I'm all set to go.

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