Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Earth Gems

 Earth Gems in Blue Veil Quartz, Black Jasper, Zebra Stone and Willow Creek Jasper
Earth Gems pendants are a fabulous take on charm bracelets, but in a pendant. We’ve all seen the ubiquitous charm bracelet. It’s been around for centuries. Many companies have a new twist with circular charms that slide onto a leather or sterling silver chain. These charm bracelets are now covered by a multitude of companies that carry charms for every occasion and interest. Enter Earth Gems pendants.
Bertrandite with Mexican Fire Opal
These pendants go one better then a charm bracelet by giving the wearer versatility in their necklaces. Earth Gems pendants are a beautifully crafted circular disc made from a variety of different stones including black jasper, white agate, blue veil quartz, zebra stone and many others. These discs are set with a genuine gemstone of your choice in a sterling silver bezel. These choices include such stunning gemstones as Mexican Fire Opal and Imperial Diopside. There are also the usual suspects like, blue topaz, amethyst, peridot, white sapphire, and grape garnet. The final pièce de résistance is the chain you wear with your Earth Gems; once again there are many options, such as leather, gunmetal chains or even chocolate chains.
 Rhodonite with Mexican Fire Opal
The beauty of an Earth Gems pendant is the customization factor. You pick the stone disc, then the gemstone and finally the chain or leather strap you wear it on. The stone discs also come in two different sizes so you can mix up your look. Each Earth Gems pendant is designed to be worn alone or with other Earth Gems. So you can wear two different sizes together or you can wear multiple Earth Gems in different sizes and types. When one thinks of the possibilities, it’s endless.

Jewelry should be versatile and Earth Gems are about as versatile as they get. In addition to making a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, the stones used to make Earth Gems are said to have mystical properties.
 White Polka Dot Agate with Mexican Fire Opal
For instance, black jasper is said to have healing properties, white agate produces a calming effect which in turn improves perception and concentration. Zebra stone is a protective stone which helps the wearer to focus on what they want. Ancient civilizations have attributed mystical properties to stones and gemstones for centuries and while not everyone accepts these beliefs today, many people still have favorite colors.

A favorite color is really what Earth Gems is all about, it allows the wearer to customize their jewelry look. You pick the stone color, the gemstone color and the chain color to match your mood or outfits. It’s easy to love Earth Gems because they are exactly what you want them to be. 
 Lime Serpentine with Mexican Fire Opal

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