Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Clothing Chart

 In Style magazine, Katy Perry on the cover

The October issue of In Style magazine has an absolutely fabulous clothing chart of sorts that I just love. The article is titled 28 Day of Amazing Outfits and begins on page 328. I just want to let In Style magazine know, I love these types of articles. Great pictures, simple descriptions, neutral clothing choices and did I mention pictures.

It’s a great picture meets information article that can be quickly scanned for good tips on what to wear. The first two pages open to “key” clothing pieces that will be featured in the outfits shown in the 28 day illustration. These examples include handbags, jewelry and shoes as well as pants, blouses and jackets, etc. The next several pages are devoted to how the “key” pieces are worn over this 28 day period, genius.

These articles are great because with a little bit of imagination you can adapt these outfits to articles of clothing and accessories you may already own. The black pants, flared jeans, white button down shirt and black skirt are probably already in your own closet. I noticed that in my closet I have all the afore mentioned items, but I also have a similar bow tie blouse, chunky cardigan and while I do not have a leather vest, I have a leather jacket that is comparable. 

 A wide banded ring, while silver, is similar to a ring shown in the article

The best part of this article is the jewelry section. Most clothing charts usually leave this information out entirely. I consider this section one of the most vital. In each subsequent photograph of outfits profiled, they show jewelry. The article shows which piece of jewelry looks best with each combination of clothing. This is critical because jewelry is the polish to any outfit. You can have all the right pieces to an outfit, but if you’re not wearing the right jewelry pieces, you may not achieve the look you are seeking.

 Blue topaz adds the right amount of sparkle, similar to the cubic zirconia bangle

This chart makes it easy for someone to find the right piece of jewelry. There are pictures to show each piece. These pictures are not suggesting that you go out and purchase new jewelry, but they do show color and shape, plus scale of the jewelry pieces. Just as before, I found similar pieces in my own jewelry box. You can also mix and match a little in order to achieve the right silhouette. That’s the wonderful thing about today’s jewelry and fashion market, nothing is written in stone and most rules no longer apply. Have fun with your jewelry, experiment, you might just find a new way to wear something, if not; there’s always a jewelry website where you can browse around.

 While not entirely gold (who can afford that?) same shape as bracelet featured in article

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