Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You've Got to Love Jewel Tones

A hot trend in fashion right now is clothing in jewel tones. This is clothing in bright or deep colors like purple, magenta, yellow and emerald green. Many fashion houses are “color blocking” using these same bright hues. What a natural for jewelry.

With the skyrocketing price of precious metals and diamonds, gemstone jewelry is making a surge. Just like diamonds, color, cut, clarity or transparency, and carat weight all have a bearing on how much a gemstone will cost, but most gemstones still lag behind diamonds in pricing and this makes them a good value. The added bonus of a gemstone is of course the color.

Gemstones come in all of the colors of the rainbow. As a fashion accessory, you can’t beat a piece of jewelry featuring a gemstone. With gemstones such a good value nowadays, you can purchase gemstone jewelry with a much larger single stone or grouping of stones than you could with a similar quality and quantity of diamonds. This allows large bold jewelry pieces to be made from gemstones which can make a bold fashion statement.

The added benefit of color makes matching an outfit easy. While diamonds may have a lot of sparkle and shine, they can have less visual appeal when worn with dark colors or if the stone is small in size. Gemstones allow bright colors to be added to dark colored outfits for visual appeal. Gemstones also have the benefit of appearing bright against light colored outfits making your jewelry more noticeable. Additionally, with pricing being superior for gemstones, most consumers can afford a large prominent gemstone.

Anyway you look at a gemstone; the colors have fascinated people since ancient times. Different gemstones have also been ascribed certain mystical properties or claims that a particular type or color of gemstone will bestow the wearer with particular traits. Whether or not gemstones have any power over us is not as important as the way certain colors make us feel. If you love a color why not wear it in your jewelry? Colored gemstones allow us to wear colors we love which make us feel good. Why not add some real jewel tones into your life?

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