Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wouldn't it be Nice?

I commented the other day that I would love to have an unlimited budget for jewelry and accessories. Wouldn’t it be nice? This thought usually gets me fantasizing about what I would buy, that I don’t already have, and what do I need. I’ve found that need really has little to do with it.

This got me thinking about what would be considered a list of basic needs for most women who love jewelry. This basic needs list is pretty tough but I came up with a most basic need and that is a pair of stud diamond earrings. Most women I know have a pair, which is why I figured it was a basic need. I then thought a watch might make the basic need list, but only if you like watches. Some people choose not to wear them and some people would rather refer to their cell phone.

Upon further reflection I realized that my stud diamond earrings, my wedding ring and a watch are really all I need, but it wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted. I currently own a lot of jewelry, although I admit it is not all mine to wear. The problem with owning a lot of jewelry is you get to look, feel, clean and evaluate it on a regular basis. This just inflames my desire to own and wear. This is not necessarily a good thing.

My fantasies include multiple rings, earrings and bracelets, my personal favorites, but what is shocking is the number of things I rarely want. I rarely see necklaces I must have, or many watches. A basic Movado watch is what I wear everyday with my diamond Chelsea by David Yurman for special occasions. Why is this? Maybe it’s the delicate chains on most necklaces that make me leery because of a fear of breakage, or maybe it’s because I hate my chin, or lack thereof, and avoid drawing attention to this facial flaw. Maybe I’m just not a necklace type person, although I am partial to pearls. I think it’s because they “breathe.”

Either way my imagination lets me dream of jewelry and my profession gives me the opportunity to see many amazing pieces. If only I had somewhere to wear it and a budget that allowed its purchase. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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