Thursday, August 25, 2011

Layers, Layers and More Layers

Just like fashion trends, trends appear with jewelry. This season the designers are working with layers and this concept can be applied to jewelry. I’ve seen a lot of necklaces that have been layered, worn one on top of the other. Some designers have made necklaces with this specific look in mind. They’ve added different materials together to give a layered look or they add sections of multiple chains. Pull out a long rope of pearls and add a necklace sans pendant, just make sure that the necklaces fall at different lengths so you can see each one. Make one peek out from behind another. This look works well with semi-casual attire, like jeans. Keep everything casual with a bold statement made with jewelry.

The layered look can be applied to necklaces, bracelets and even rings. Stacking rings are currently “de rigueur” and many jewelers are carrying these items. The layered look in rings can be applied by wearing multiple rings on different fingers. J. Lo has defined this look; you can see it in any print ad where she is featured. Usually she is wearing a sparkling band on her ring finger and then a large statement ring on her index finger. As a ring lover, I think this look is great. I love any excuse to wear more rings.

Bracelets are a natural for those who love bling upon their wrists. You can mix and match bangles with chain links and even pearls. The idea is to get your ensemble to pop. Three quarter length sleeves work best with adding a lot of bracelets since you don’t want a sleeve cramming everything down to your hand. You can get the same effect with a large cuff that is in a woven pattern, etched or studded with gems. This is useful for those who don’t want their jewelry clacking about their wrist. The wrist full of jewelry is a perfect way to set off that LBD or when going out and wanting to make a statement.

The beauty of the layered look is using jewelry you already own. Many women have multiple necklaces, rings and bracelets. Highlighting one feature is a great way to make that feature stand out. If you’ve just gotten a manicure why not dazzle them with your rings or bracelets. New hairdo, highlight your face with an array of necklaces. Either way you do it, it’s a look anyone can pull off.

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