Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding the Right Length for a Necklace

I am a self professed necklace avoider. I personally do not wear them often and I wish I looked better in a necklace. This is partially because I see so many beautiful necklaces and they really do dress up an outfit and add a finishing touch. This got me thinking about what makes a necklace look good on a person.

According to Carla Mathis, who wrote The Triumph of Individual Style she devised a technique which allows women to find the most flattering placement for their neckline. She invented the term “balance point” to describe where the neckline should fall to create a flattering frame for the face.

The “balance point” is essentially a point on your torso. This point is derived from measuring from your hairline to your chin. The point on your torso is the same length from your chin down to this “balance point.” When wearing a necklace the concept can be applied. If the bottom of your necklace falls near this point, it doesn’t have to be exact; the necklace should flatter your look. It does this by elongating the neck and giving a more graceful appearance.

Another position where a necklace could fall is usually in the middle, between the “balance point” and your chin. This is a nice point especially if the neckline of the outfit is cut low. It helps to break up the expanse of skin and draw the eye upward. The concept when wearing jewelry is to enhance your outfit while flattering your features. The right combination of clothing and jewelry can help stylize your look and bring everything up a notch.

Now we all know that math isn’t the only factor in determining what we should wear. Our own personal style must shine through. So find those pieces you love to wear and wear them with confidence, math be damned! Although it probably doesn’t hurt to think about these proportions before you buy or when making a purchasing decision. Every little bit helps.

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