Thursday, October 2, 2014

Charles-Hubert Paris Watches

Charles-Hubert Paris is best know for their pocket watches, 3928-OB

I’m a big fan of Charles-Hubert Paris watches. They are a company founded in 1990 in Southern California. They make attractive, affordable watches with a lifetime warranty. There are very few companies that offer a lifetime warranty on anything; on watches it is unheard of to have such good customer service.


My favorite wrist watch, Charles-Hubert Paris 6809-W
Call to order
What I like about Charles-Hubert Paris is the style. There are many styles of watches from classic to retro to innovative. I have a classic bracelet style watch with Roman numerals that I use every day. It has a quartz movement so it is super accurate. There are other styles available from gold plated to skeleton dials with automatic movements and classic dials with leather wrist straps. They make a large variety of watches.


While wrist watches are fairly common when you go to a jewelry store and most have a wide selection, Charles-Hubert Paris has the added benefit of offering a large selection of pocket watches. Pocket watches are super cool and are becoming very popular with the fashionable man. Believe it or not, it is not always easy to find a good selection of pocket watches. I’ve been to many jewelry stores and found only one or two and they were used.


While some people collect antique pocket watches it’s nice to know that there is a company out there who are still manufacturing new high quality pocket watches for use by the general public. I love the attractive styles, beautiful workmanship and of course, the fact that it is new with a lifetime warranty. So as the holidays approach, think about giving the gift of time with a Charles-Hubert Paris watch.
Charles-Hubert Paris 3816, makes a classic gift

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are Diamonds Rare?

A diamond engagement ring must have matching diamonds

There is a YouTube video in circulation, I believe created by a disgruntled suitor that explains how diamonds are not rare. He goes on to say that diamonds are a commodity like any other but controlled by monopolistic companies that hoard them. They only let a certain number of diamonds out into the world each year in order to control the demand. This guy probably believes the CIA killed Kennedy.


If you can't afford diamonds buy cubic zirconia, B. Tiff of New York
Now I’m not saying that these companies that own the diamond mines don’t have a stash in some vault somewhere, I’m just saying there probably is a good reason. I’m sure that there are great variations in the diamonds pulled from a mine each day. Not all the diamonds are of good quality. A diamond that would go into an engagement ring needs to be a certain size, color and clarity in order to make the grade. Not all diamonds come out of the mine ready to be slapped into a setting.


Even though the diamonds are small they match, David Yurman Chelsea Watch
A good quality diamond or diamonds that are used for jewelry have to have some commonality. Even a ring that is pave must have diamonds of the same color and clarity. You wouldn’t tile a floor with tiles from different batches; there would be color variations that are unattractive. Yet there are people who think all diamonds are the same. They believe that a diamond is a diamond and that it is all a grand conspiracy cooked up by the diamond companies.


Pave Diamond Pendant, small but beautiful
Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of overpriced jewelry on the market. Let’s face it; a pair of Chanel earrings gets a much larger price simply based on the brand than an unknown brand with similar quality, weight and size. So basically this guy misses the point. Yes there are a lot of diamonds out there, but a diamond is rare not based on quantity alone and just because the girl he was trying to woo wanted a big expensive diamond isn’t the diamond companies fault, he just picked a girl with expensive taste.
Go for what makes sense financially, Gabrielle Bruni white sapphire or diamonds semi-custom earrings

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jewelry Like You've Never Seen It

18K gold and gray agate geode earrings

Jewelry can be ordinary. We sometimes go through life and we see nothing but solitaire diamond rings, simple stud earrings in a variety of gemstones, or maybe some other conservative piece. Now I’m not saying that the world should abandon these staples of jewelry, but once in a while it’s nice to see designers taking chances.


Australian black opal pendant
Take the geode, this is a formation that I first saw while visiting a natural history museum when I was very young. I loved the craggy raw gemstone and crystal interiors. They varied in color giving off tons of sparkle and a rainbow of shades. They came in a multitude of sizes, colors and shapes. The most interesting part was how the plain exterior hid a treasure trove of colors within.


Rose gold and black opal earrings
Designers such as Kimberly McDonald are using geodes and other natural crystal formations to make jewelry. She uses these beautiful and unusual gems to make stunning, bold and very contemporary jewelry. It is safe to say that she is thinking entirely outside of the box. I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing her jewelry in person but the images in magazines and on her website are great. She also makes other amazing pieces.


Turquoise chrysocolla druze ring
I love when designers take chances; it gives the world a view of jewelry as art. While I will be the first to admit that some designs are too bold for many of the population it’s nice to think that creativity in jewelry design still exists. Much of what we see today is bland and it’s fun to see jewelry like we’ve never seen it before.
Love these, Montana agate earrings